Sinopec Yijie Convenience Store Upgrade

September 1, 2021

Sinopec Yijie Convenience Store Upgrade


22-inch vertical convenience terminal

55-inch advertising player

Project Description:
As an emerging business model of Sinopec, Yijie Convenience Store has gradually established a distribution network covering urban areas, national and provincial highways and highways through development in recent years. Through store transformation, equipment and facilities, the construction and improvement of the country’s Yijie Convenience store, and strive to build it into a comprehensive service network with complete functions, excellent services, strong competitiveness and brand value.
As the country accelerates the promotion of the dual economic and social transformation strategy, the economic environment is gradually improved, and automobiles will gradually be integrated into people's daily lives. With the growth of car ownership, the convenience of Yijie convenience stores will be further highlighted.


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