• 1080P LVDS HDMI Interactive Digital Screens ISA PCI 43in Auto Light Sensor
  • 1080P LVDS HDMI Interactive Digital Screens ISA PCI 43in Auto Light Sensor
1080P LVDS HDMI Interactive Digital Screens ISA PCI 43in Auto Light Sensor

1080P LVDS HDMI Interactive Digital Screens ISA PCI 43in Auto Light Sensor

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ADKIOSK
Certification: CE,FCC,ROHS, CB ,ISO9000, CCC
Model Number: SN126

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Price: negotiate
Packaging Details: outter paper box, middle wooden box and inner foam
Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 5000pcs/month
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Detail Information

Keyword: Lnteractive Touch Screen Kiosk Size: 43in
Product Name: LVDS Output Lnteractive Touch Screen Kiosk Keyword: HDMI Outpot Digital Signage
Keyword 1: Automatic Light Adjust Advertising Digital Signage Warranty: 1 Year
High Light:

LVDS HDMI Interactive Digital Screens


ISA PCI Interactive Digital Screens


43in Interactive Digital Signage Display

Product Description

1080P LVDS Output HDMI Outpot Built-in Automatic Light Sensor Controller lnteractive Touch Screen Kiosk


Media play

Video format

MPEG-1,MPEG-2,MPEG-4,H.263,H.264,H.265,VC1,VP8,RV etc.,support up to 3840x2160

Audio format


Text processing







system management

APK installation

APK installation

Root permissions

Original ecological Android system, open root permissions, customizable development

Remote control

Real-time remote monitoring, system crash self recovery, 7*24 hours unattended

OTA upgrade

Support OTA remote upgrades


Everyone knows that industrial computer is an industrial computer in the final analysis, so what is the fanless embedded industrial computer? What is the difference between it and the traditional industrial computer?


The structure of the industrial computer is different.


The traditional industrial computer adopts a combination of 4U and other types of cold-rolled plate chassis + gold finger motherboard (full-length or half-length card) + bottom plate + high-power power supply.


There will be some unstable factors in such a structure:


(1) If the CPU card is inserted into the bottom board, there will be poor contact, such as vibration, looseness during transportation, and oxidation of the gold finger, etc., which will cause it to fail to boot;


(2) Need to connect some ATX signal lines between the backplane and the CPU card;


(3) The CPU card is powered by the backplane. When there is a problem with the backplane, the CPU card will not be able to supply power normally, resulting in system instability (such as the unreasonable design of the backplane power supply circuit); the CPU is an external plug-in (PGA package) method, and there are hidden dangers in connection , And need a fan to dissipate www.cechina.cn, the connection between the fan and the CPU and the service life are the biggest safety hazards;


(4) The power consumption of the power supply is too large, and the power supply needs a fan to dissipate heat. When the fan fails, the power supply and the motherboard will be damaged;


(5) The structure of CPU card + backplane will bring troubles to the installation (it takes time and the backplane must be installed before installing the CPU card), affects work efficiency, and is not conducive to a large number of installations.


The structure of the fanless embedded industrial computer adopts a combination of all-aluminum shell + embedded motherboard + external low-power power supply


System advantages:


(1) The all-aluminum structure of the shell makes the heat dissipation more sufficient, and it is small in size and light in weight. Easy to install and carry.


(2) The use of advanced embedded, low-power CPU motherboard and the latest embedded technology, and related peripheral interfaces are integrated on the CPU motherboard, reducing connection problems and avoiding related loosening problems


(3) The embedded CPU motherboard adopts single +5V or +12V DC power supply, and is equipped with an AC adapter, which makes the on-site power supply more abundant and more reliable.


(4) Because the CPU of the embedded motherboard adopts BGA (onboard) packaging, there is no need to worry about connection problems, and the fan-free design greatly improves the reliability and completely solves the problem of insufficient heat dissipation and lifespan of traditional industrial computers.


(5) For customer installation, only need to use the external socket to connect the hard disk and memory, it can be used, which shortens the installation time and improves the work efficiency.


Summary: There are a large number of connection lines between the CPU card and the backplane or external interface, which leads to the loose or wrong connection of the system, and brings the instability of the entire system (like a fan in the system); the embedded industrial computer adopts advanced technology, It fundamentally solves the problems that cannot be solved by traditional industrial computer, making the system more stable and the structure more sophisticated.


The function of the industrial computer is different


The traditional industrial computer is driven by the CPU card to drive the relevant interface card on the passive backplane.


There are hidden dangers:


(1) The signal wiring between the CPU card and the relevant peripheral card is long, and there is signal attenuation and interference. (It has a greater impact on the high-precision signal acquisition industry)


(2) Because the peripheral card needs to be inserted on the passive backplane, sometimes it cannot drive more peripheral cards due to the driving ability of the motherboard (for example, sometimes the third PC device on the passive bottom cannot work)


(3) There is a capacitance monitoring problem due to the bridge chip on the bottom board


(4) Traditional industrial PCs do not have reserved interfaces for more advanced peripherals, (such as: AGP slot, the requirements for higher display performance cannot be achieved, which will cause inconvenience to customers or pay more for PCI graphics cards or functions Can't be achieved with this)




(1) There are many expansion slots, providing traditional ISA and PCI expansion


(2) Traditional ISA and PCI equipment are cheap


Using embedded motherboard, using expansion methods such as PC104 or PCI104


System advantages:


(1) Embedded motherboards generally adopt expansion forms such as PC104 (equivalent to IAS), PCI104 (equivalent to PCI), MIN PCI, etc. The signal line is shorter www.cechina.cn, signal attenuation and interference are smaller, and the connection is firmer. reliable.


(2) The PCI and ISA bridge chips are integrated on the motherboard, and the system drive and capacity monitoring capabilities are stronger


(3) The embedded motherboard integrates DIOCONTROL ENGINEERING China copyright, TV-OUT, Audio, single and double network ports, multiple serial ports, multiple USB ports and other mainstream interfaces, providing customers with richer interfaces and making it easier for customers to expand. The cost is lower.


(4) The LCD interface is also a major feature of the embedded motherboard. It allows users to directly connect to the LCD display, reducing the trouble of A/D conversion and reducing security risks compared with the traditional VGA mode.


(5) Not only can the standard operating system be used, but also embedded operating systems: Windos CE, LINX, Windos XPE, etc., make the system more concise, start faster, and have higher stability, while avoiding system damage caused by accidental shutdown And other issues.




(1) The scalability is relatively weak, and traditional ISA interfaces are not provided


(2) Expansion equipment such as PC104 is expensive


Summary: Traditional industrial PCs will bring inconvenience to actual system applications due to the drive capability and capacity monitoring of their motherboards, and will also increase the purchase cost for customers due to the lack of mainstream interfaces. Embedded motherboards have richer interfaces and more mainstream interfaces, providing customers with a lot of room for selection and reducing costs.


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