Application Scenarios of Bar LCD Display

September 6, 2021

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One, What is a bar LCD?

The bar screen refers to a long bar LCD display with an aspect ratio greater than that of ordinary displays. The LCD bar screen generally refers to a liquid crystal display with a length to width ratio of more than 3:1. It has ultra-wide viewing angle, high brightness, high reliability and durability Characteristics of high temperature.


Two, application scenarios

1. Smart city display for information security, transportation and people's livelihood projects.

2. The bar-shaped LCD screen perfectly combines pictures, videos, text and sound, with high definition, high brightness, bright colors, vivid images, concise and bright advertising media.

3. The indoor station announcement screen of the bus and the subway, the roof screen of the taxi, the display on the subway, the bus, the top of the taxi, the intelligent traffic display of the subway car.

4. Bank of financial services and other commercial finance.


Three, Features

1. High reliability and good stability

2. Long service life, energy saving and environmental protection

3. The best flash effect of intelligent control

4. Wide application field

5. Excellent wide temperature operating characteristics


With its unique advantages, the strip display system has a wider application space for the advertising display system, gradually replacing traditional billboards, light boxes, etc., and has become a new force in the advertising media industry