Interactive slide screen

November 18, 2021

Latest company news about Interactive slide screen

The interactive slide rail screen is a specially designed mechanical slide rail control device, combined with the background high-definition picture or display splicing screen, to achieve interactive control of the screen content, set different touch points on the corresponding position, and install it on the sliding track in advance The sensing circuit device, as long as someone pushes the display to the sensing point, the sensing signal will be triggered, and then the display will automatically switch to the corresponding content. You can also use the program software to control, and then control the playback content through customized playback software.


The common sliding track screen can be used to automatically move the position, it will follow you, and then you can see related information introduction and some video materials. These are relatively simple actions, users can manipulate at will, and can easily understand the product summary.


In the auto show, visitors need to push the sliding rail screen to see every detail inside the car and even touch and click to understand the detailed information, so that people can have a deeper understanding of every performance of the car. Such an auto show can not only stimulate people’s desire to buy, but also increase people’s trust in the company.


In fact, the sliding screen can also be integrated into the local cultural characteristics. As long as the corresponding interface is designed, it will give people a feeling of going to the countryside, so that people can easily understand the customs and culture.


In addition to being able to integrate into the local customs and culture, the sliding screen also has rich dynamic effects, allowing users to have a more cool experience. It can not only attract users, let more tourists come to experience, but also break people's stereotypes and bring different effects


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