installation method of elevator advertising player

September 6, 2021

Latest company news about installation method of elevator advertising player

Elevator advertising player is a new intelligent equipment, through terminal software control, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display to form a complete advertising broadcast control system, becoming an important tool for advertising marketing and achieving growth.

In general, our elevator advertising player is mainly installed on the left and right sides of the elevator and the elevator entrance, so how to install it! Let me explain to you two ways to install elevator advertising player below:

First. Adhesive fixation method

1. In the case that nailing is not allowed on the wall of the building, you can first stick the double-sided on the back panel of the elevator advertising player while keeping the wall clean, then stick the back panel on the wall, and then on the front of the elevator advertising player back panel The center square and four sides are fixed with glass glue. When fixing, the level of the installation back plate must be ensured.

2. After the glass glue is completely hardened and shaped, connect the adapter of the elevator advertising player, and the power cord. After the long screen is fixed, the power cord is introduced from the opening of the back panel (this method must be slotted in the wall) Buried power cord), can also be introduced from the openings on the four sides above the back plate (this method is suitable for places where the wall cannot be slotted).

Second. Screw fixing method

First use a percussion drill to drill 4 holes inside the elevator, and then use expansion screws to fix them in the holes. When the lock is opened, the hook on the back of the smart elevator advertising player is hung on the corresponding hook. To ensure the level of the smart elevator advertising player, the installation backboard should be kept level.