adkiosk outdoor kiosk solution

September 6, 2021

Latest company news about adkiosk outdoor kiosk solution

adkiosk Technology's outdoor LCD advertising machine manufacturers have successfully made up for many defects in similar outdoor advertising machines by constantly learning from the strengths of their peers and combining their own advantages. Selecting high-quality raw materials, rigorous processing technology, strict quality control and strict installation and debugging procedures, the quality and service of outdoor advertising machines are at the first-class level in the industry. At present, the products have spread all over the country and are exported overseas, and are widely praised by new and old customers.

The following are the seven characteristics of Wavin Technology's outdoor commercial display products:

1. Personalized customization, waterproof and high temperature resistant shell

The outer shell of the outdoor advertising machine is made of 1.5mm galvanized steel sheet, and the surface is sprayed with outdoor powder protection. The color can be customized according to customer needs, and the effective service life is guaranteed for 5-7 years. Such personal customization can meet different customer needs. At the same time, it is stable and lasting without fear of rain.

2. High light transmission, low reflection, explosion-proof, protective glass

The outdoor advertising machine adopts 7mm double-sided laminated glass, AR coating anti-glare, with high light transmission, low reflection, explosion-proof characteristics; 99.99% ultraviolet rays, 52% solar radiation heat, light transmittance above 97%, reflectivity Less than 3%.

3. Automatic photosensitive probe, LED backlight display

The outdoor advertising machine has an industrial-grade dedicated display, powered by an industrial-grade power supply, equipped with an automatic photosensitive probe, which can adjust the brightness according to the ambient light, and has an intelligent and humanized design.

4. Multifunctional Internet playback system

The outdoor advertising player is equipped with a networked information publishing system; supports image, video, text and other formats; supports wired network transmission; supports offline file distribution and playback, and configures the system's server-side management software, regardless of when and where multimedia playback is not affected limit.

5. Leakage protection, intelligent electric control system

The main power supply controls the MCB; the timer can be controlled in sections and timing; the machine is automatically switched on and off; with scientific leakage protection, safety is guaranteed.

6. High-precision cooling system, no black screen

The outdoor advertising machine is equipped with intelligent integrated heating and cooling air conditioning temperature control; it can meet the requirement that the LCD display does not blacken in the environment of -40-55 degrees; professionally research and develop customized cabinet air conditioners according to the model, which fully matches the power consumption of the whole machine; it can automatically sense the temperature , Ensure that the internal temperature of the machine is within the range of 5-25 degrees. The patented heat dissipation system ensures that the LCD screen does not turn black at high speeds when the heat is too high in summer;

7. Comprehensive assembly test, excellent quality

The outdoor advertising player has passed the IP65 waterproof test, high temperature aging, low temperature aging, and simulated sunlight tests. Whenever and wherever, no fear of the sun, high quality.

Weiwen Technology ( specializes in the production of outdoor LCD advertising machines, electronic bus stop signs, electronic reading boards, etc., smart light pole screens and other outdoor commercial displays. Currently, it includes solution design, outdoor machine R&D, sheet metal The complete industrial chain of shell processing, complete machine production and sales, and service network layout. At the same time, it provides industry users with overall solutions for outdoor commercial display based on industry standards or customized attributes, assisting customers to expand domestic and foreign business opportunities through multiple channels and seek common development.