Advantages of all-in-one backlight

September 6, 2021

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1. The production process of the integrated backlit LCD advertising machine is more complicated. The production and assembly of the optical part and the OC part are required to be completed by professional production workers. Although the material cost is low, the labor cost is increased;

2. All-in-one backlit LCD advertising players now use the shell to directly assemble the backlight, which requires good craftsmanship, accuracy and stability of the shell, otherwise the backlight is prone to problems;

3. The brightness of the LED backlight is high, and the brightness will not decrease after long-term use. The body of the LED backlight is thinner and the appearance is also beautiful. LED backlight, the color is relatively soft, and the color of the hard screen panel can make the eyes more comfortable. The LED backlight saves electricity and has low radiation.