Advertising machine grows against the trend

September 6, 2021

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With the continuous updating of technology, traditional print advertising and light box advertising can no longer meet the experience needs of digital cities and smart cities, and the diversified carrying needs of more information. Coupled with the national green environmental protection concept, traditional advertisements are facing the crisis of being forcibly removed. At this time, the emergence of advertising players brought a turn for the industry.


In the changing market, advertising machine applications seem to be affecting the entire city, because compared to traditional printing equipment and advertising light boxes, advertising machines have free replacement of materials, richer colors, and multimedia such as videos, texts, and pictures. The combined display function of the elements, combined with advanced experience functions such as face recognition, touch operation, and somatosensory interaction, perfectly fits the future planning of the national green city and smart city.


With the advance of 5G commercialization and the rapid development of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and big data, "information video and ultra-high-definition video" have become a major trend in the development of the global information industry, and advertising machines have begun to become people’s understanding. An important port for cities, managing cities, and enjoying city life.


Therefore, the advertising machine is not only a definition that can be obtained from a single screen, but also a smart terminal application of a smart city, creating a new era of more creative smart display, and a builder of smart applications.