Advertising Screens VS LCD TVs

September 6, 2021

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In life, we often see various advertising screens, which are as closely related to our lives as LCD TVs. How are they different?


Difference 1: Advertising player and LCD TV have different positioning

First of all, the positioning of the advertising player and the TV is different. TV sets are mainly for home use, and advertising players are for commercial use. Home TVs are not suitable for continuous use 24 hours a day. If the time is too long, the TV will have problems such as image retention and fading. The advertising player uses professional commercial LCD panels, which are specially designed for long-term use. The service life is more than 50,000 hours. After conversion, it can be used for more than 5 years without interruption. The characteristic technology applied in commercial LCD screens can reduce image retention. In addition, the advertising machine adopts wire drawing process, which is beautiful and atmospheric, and the exterior is made of aluminum profiles, which not only resists corrosion, but also greatly improves the heat dissipation performance. There are also cooling fans and external ventilation equipment to ensure that the LCD screen runs at the best indoor temperature. Moreover, the TV is not designed to be used in a commercial environment. If it is used in a commercial environment, the manufacturer's warranty will also be invalidated.


Difference 2: Advertising players can be customized, and TV sets are produced on a large scale

Almost all TV sets are produced in large quantities with hundreds of thousands of units or more, and manufacturers will not customize them for general customers. The advertising machine is the opposite, it is precisely the professional solution to the customization problem. For example, on the hardware side, the motherboard, memory, appearance, corporate LOGO, color, etc. can be developed, and on the software side, the system, publishing system, interface, content, etc. can be customized.


Difference 3: Advertising player has better display quality and effect than TV

Advertising machine is mainly used to display commercial information, including video, music, pictures, etc. Because it is used to display commercial information, the display quality and display effect are very important. The advertising player uses a professional commercial LCD screen. Driven by the multimedia information publishing system, the display effect of commercial displays is also more beautiful and has a great sense of visual impact. Secondly, the display effect of commercial liquid crystal display is brighter and magnificent, and its contrast ratio is better than that of home TV. Part of the reason for this is that the viewing distance of the TV is relatively short, while in a commercial environment, the distance between the LCD screen and the audience is longer. Another notable feature of commercial displays is that you can clearly see the information displayed by the advertising machine no matter which direction you look at from up, down, left, and right.


Difference 4: Advertising player has much more functions than TV

The advertising machine integrates hardware technology, operating system, information release, network technology, etc., and the content and form that can be displayed are very rich. For example: advertising release, notice release, convenient network management, query machine suitable for government affairs, number scheduling machine, education all-in-one machine, electronic class card, etc. Targeted solutions can be adopted for different customers. A commercial display interface can also be set separately for each terminal device. Because the optimized Windows system and Android system can be selectively used, it is actually a computer and a tablet at the same time. Obviously, the customization of its applications and functions will become very powerful.