Application place of horizontal kiosk

September 6, 2021

Latest company news about Application place of horizontal kiosk

Application place

Sales office: You can view the floor and layout of the house's 3D image through horizontal kiosk

Shopping mall: You can know the distribution information of the businesses on each floor through the inquiry machine, the location of the businesses to go, and the walking route. And the business hours and business scope of the business.

Community: After inquiring through horizontal kiosk, the members of the community can easily know the dynamics and new things of the community, and the activities of the community.

Hospital: You can query the floor and information of the department you want to go to on the touch one machinehorizontal kiosk。You can also inquire about the doctor’s skills and more.


In function

horizontal kiosk can be divided into capacitive touch and infrared touch, and can support up to 10 touch points.


The horizontal kiosk is widely used in public places in life. Information inquiry and data display are the biggest features of touch all-in-ones. It is believed that touch all-in-ones will be used more and more in more fields.