Application scenarios of outdoor advertising player

September 6, 2021

Latest company news about Application scenarios of outdoor advertising player

1. The outdoor advertising machine is applied to the bus station

The intelligent outdoor advertising machine is placed on the bus station, which is characterized by wide contact area and high coverage, which can be applied to the audience to select routes or regions. Waiting for the bus is a boring thing, advertising on the bus station can add a color to it, and at the same time increase the advertising effect!


2. Outdoor LCD advertising machines are used in commercial streets

We all know that commercial streets, as the name suggests, are places where consumers spend their rest time. Most of them come with an anti-loose and happy mentality. Therefore, advertising at this time is the most effective. In many advertisements Among the publicity channels, outdoor LED displays and outdoor LCD advertising machines are the most eye-catching and visually stunning, while outdoor LEDs are only suitable for long-distance observation, while outdoor LCD advertising machines are suitable for both near and far. When you achieve your desired advertising effect, you must consider what promotional channels to use!


3. Outdoor LCD advertising machines are used in airports

The high-definition outdoor advertising machines around the airport are generally aimed at audiences with relatively high levels and incomes, such as business people and people traveling abroad. They love and pursue the ultimate, and traditional light boxes, signs, etc. can no longer enter theirs. "Faculty Eyes", and outdoor LCD advertising machines are well-loved due to their high-definition highlights, beautiful pictures, superb technology, and interactivity. Such high-tech products can often catch their attention and make their own advertisements effective!

Outdoor LCD advertising machine


4. Outdoor advertising machine is used in railway station

The outdoor advertising machine within the railway station has been the main target of travelers from all over the world, and it is characterized by high traffic volume and coverage of neighboring areas.



5. Outdoor advertising machine is used in campus

The 55-inch wall-mounted outdoor LCD advertising machine on campus is often not simply used for advertising. It is more about the inheritance of campus culture and the display of campus high-tech. Of course, some shops or restaurants on campus carry out promotions The event can also be promoted by an outdoor advertising machine!



6. Outdoor LCD advertising machine is used in newspaper reading column

Opening up an advertisement position in the newspaper reading column, we call it newspaper reading advertisement. It has the same nature as the sidewalk advertisement, and it can also be called "the sidewalk newspaper reading column advertisement", and the outdoor advertising machine can also be applied to the newspaper reading column, called the "outdoor LCD electronic newspaper reading column". The electronic newspaper column can better promote the culture, advertisements, announcements, etc. to be promoted.