before installing an outdoor advertising machine

September 6, 2021

Latest company news about before installing an outdoor advertising machine

Things you need to know before installing an outdoor advertising machine, what are the precautions for the layout of the outdoor advertising machine? Warm Tips from Wavin Technology:

1. Please read the product manual of the outdoor advertising player carefully before installation to confirm whether the local voltage is consistent with the product requirements.

2. The display of the outdoor advertising player has passed the test and meets the IP65 specification level. It can be placed outdoors or in the rain, but it cannot be protected from being immersed in liquid.

3. Do not install outdoor advertising players near open flame sources, and never use outdoor advertising players at open flame sources.

4. When exposed to the sun for a long time, the outer surface of the outdoor advertising player may be very hot, please do not touch it.

5. In order to prevent damage to the outdoor advertising machine, it is necessary to install it firmly on the ground or on a fixed bracket according to the installation method in the operation manual.

6. The exterior of the outdoor advertising machine cannot be covered by other objects to avoid affecting the heat dissipation.

7. Before cleaning and maintaining the internal equipment of the outdoor advertising machine, disconnect the power supply and then operate.

8. Do not directly apply liquid cleaners or spray cleaners to the housing and glass of the outdoor advertising machine. Use a damp cloth for cleaning.

9. The internal equipment and wiring of the outdoor advertising machine cannot be changed or disassembled arbitrarily without the guidance of the manufacturer's engineer, and the manufacturer does not assume any responsibility for damage to the resulting parts.

10. When the outdoor advertising player is powered on, it is forbidden to touch the internal electrical equipment, and the manufacturer will not bear any responsibility for the personal injury caused by this.

Shenzhen Adkiosk outdoor LCD advertising player manufacturers remind, please operate and use strictly according to requirements, and do not be lazy and cause unnecessary economic losses. Wavin Technology provides industry users with overall solutions for industry standards or customized outdoor commercial display.