Classic wall-mounted advertising machine and vertical advertising machine

September 6, 2021

Latest company news about Classic wall-mounted advertising machine and vertical advertising machine

With the continuous development of the advertising machine industry, the form of advertising machines is showing a situation where a hundred flowers bloom, and all kinds of advertising machines have poured into the market. However, no matter what kind of shape, the main ones are wall-mounted advertising machines and vertical advertising machines. The most classic and the two most popular advertising players. So, what are the advantages of the two types of vertical advertising machines and wall-mounted advertising machines?


1. Product appearance


Undoubtedly, the vertical advertising machine is a floor-to-ceiling LCD advertising machine, which is generally placed directly on the ground and placed more casually. The wall-mounted advertising machine is an LCD advertising machine similar to a TV set, which can be hung on a wall or other objects to become a unique landscape of space decoration.


2. Applicable occasions


Vertical advertising machines are suitable for banking, finance, hotels, chain stores and other industries. They are also usually placed in hotel lobby, public institution, hospital and other lobby or front desk, to visually display business information, interpret brand culture, and be more atmospheric and more suitable for high-end venues.


The wall-mounted advertising machine can be hung in shopping malls, shops, restaurants, supermarkets, high-end office buildings, etc. It is suitable for small business places with relatively small space and saves space.


3. Publicity effect


From the perspective of publicity effect, wall-mounted advertising opportunities are more eye-catching and attractive than vertical advertising machines.


Of course: whether we choose a vertical or wall mount, we must consider the price, performance and the application of the environmental site. Shenzhen advertising player manufacturer Yaxunda believes that no matter what type of advertising player, when the user chooses a machine At that time, it must be a product that is applicable and can bring influence to the company or brand.


4. It has a beautiful and generous appearance design, tempered glass mirror surface, and aluminum frame. It is really "extraordinary". In practical applications, the wall-mounted advertising player has the advantages of energy consumption, long-term stable operation, and wide viewing angle, which can basically realize the all-weather carousel function, making the advertising effect more effective. The highly compatible playback function allows various formats of video or flash animation to be displayed and obtain the best playback effect. The wall-mounted advertising player can be installed horizontally and vertically, so that space is no longer a factor that restricts installation; In addition to the stand-alone version of today’s advertising player, there is also an online version, which can realize remote control, reducing the effort of manual network operation ,increase work productivity.