Do you understand shared power bank?

September 6, 2021

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The advent of the 5G era has made each mobile phone user's network speed N times faster, and the accompanying mobile phone power consumption will also become a big pain point. Graphene technology has been difficult to break through in recent years, so now it is just a matter of breaking through the time of fast charging of mobile phones. So how can the mobile phone continue to last in the 5G field, and the current battery life problem that can solve the mobile phone is the power bank. However, it is inconvenient to carry the power bank, especially when the mobile phone has electricity, and users are more reluctant to bring their own power bank. Therefore, in 2017, the shared power bank turned out to solve the current mobile phone battery life problem of mobile phone users. The mobile phone battery life will be even more problematic when the 5G era comes. Therefore, the shared power bank market will have more market prospects after the 5G era.