Eight common problems with outdoor advertising machines

September 2, 2021

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  With the advancement of the technology era,all walks of life are gradually digitized.At present,the application of outdoor advertising machines,such as bus stations,squares,shopping malls,bus stations,parks and other public places,the convenience of outdoor advertising machines to businesses and units allows more users.All of them are favored.Some common problems may arise due to operation or external environment during use.How to solve them?Shenzhen outdoor advertising machine manufacturers Shangxian era to answer your questions:


1, outdoor advertising machine lcd screen flashes


Check if there is magnetic interference around; check if the power supply voltage is stable; check the display, graphics card driver; increase the refresh rate of 75HZ; if not, contact the outdoor advertising machine manufacturer, work under the technical guidance of the manufacturer.


2, outdoor advertising machine lcd screen is blank


When the computer signal exceeding the display range of the outdoor lcd advertising machine is displayed, the display detects that the abnormal signal stops working, the user can turn off the display; then turn it on, and then reset the output frequency of the computer.


3, outdoor advertising machine lcd screen no display, the front panel indicator flashes


Check that the monitor and computer signal cable connections are secure, and check that the signal cable connection socket pins are bent and bent.


4, the outdoor advertising machine did not respond after plugging in the power


The outdoor LCD advertising machine does not respond after plugging in the power supply. This is a problem that often occurs in practical applications. Users can try to remove the outdoor advertising machine, open the back cover of the advertising machine, check whether the dedicated power supply is energized, and whether the wire is loose or loose. Specific method: Use the multimeter to measure whether the indicator light is on. If it is normal, the surface power supply is powered. Excluding the power problem, the user should check the same as the decoder board, the advertising machine driver board, the high voltage bar, the speaker, the LCD screen power supply, and where the power is off, it means that there is a problem with the accessories of the advertising machine.


5, outdoor advertising machine is not powered (black screen)


The built-in power supply may be defective or the internal drive board of the machine is defective. Check the method: Check if the power output is normal. If the power supply has no output, you can confirm that the power supply is defective. If the power output is normal, the drive board may be defective.


6, outdoor advertising machine flower screen


In the LCD panel, there is no display or display abnormality in a certain area. It is called a flower screen. Check the method: Check whether the signal transmission line inserted on the LCD screen is loose or not, which may cause poor contact. If this happens, insert the signal cable. Tight and fixed, and check if the problem is solved; if this is not the case, the LCD may be defective.


7, outdoor advertising machine dark screen (screen no display, splash screen)


When the advertisement is played, the LCD screen is always in a black screen, and the dark screen, the splash screen, etc. are called dark screens. Remedy: Check whether the power output is normal. If the power output voltage is unstable (the voltage value does not reach 11~12V), the power supply is faulty. If the power output is normal, you need to replace the driver board and inverter one by one until the fault is eliminated.


8, outdoor advertising machine no signal


The word “no signal” appears on the screen when power is on. Remedy: Check whether the internal video cable and the 5V power cable input to the decoder board are loose. If there is no such phenomenon, you need to replace the decoder board or the driver board. After the replacement, check whether the fault disappears.


Some of the problems that occasionally arise during the use of outdoor advertising machines are confusing when I don’t know the principles of outdoor advertising machines. This has a great impact on the advertising of the merchants, so the use of outdoor advertising machines, more need to have some basic knowledge of outdoor advertising machines. Quickly solve problems when common problems arise, without causing greater economic losses.