How to choose a reassuring LCD advertising machine?

September 2, 2021

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Choosing a liquid crystal advertising machine is a technical activity, and reliable quality is very important. There are three main aspects:


1, LCD advertising machine parameters


The quality of the LCD advertising machine is the key to the machine. For example, high-definition resolution, screen brightness, overall display integrity and other factors can directly affect the quality of the advertising screen playback, and also the key factors that can affect the comfort of viewing. Therefore, the user must conduct a separate measurement and measurement when selecting the LCD advertising machine.


2, the technical level


The liquid crystal advertising machine is an intelligent playing device, which needs to cooperate with terminal software control, multimedia terminal display, network information transmission and other large blocks. Therefore, when selecting the LCD advertising machine, the user must refer to whether the technical capabilities are perfect. The screen display of various terminals is supported by the various technical systems and the powerful technical capabilities of the information input and output.


3, thermal conductivity


LCD advertising machines generally have a long boot time. Therefore, users need to select stable devices during use to have good thermal conductivity to meet the long-term use requirements. The good thermal conductivity of the LCD advertising machine also ensures the service life of the device, so the user needs to examine the thermal conductivity of the device when selecting.


4, after-sales policy


Electronic equipment will inevitably encounter "strikes", especially long-lasting non-stop advertising, it will inevitably lead to some minor errors. LCD service manufacturers can provide various services and product warranty policies, these are all users must know when purchasing, this is related to the protection of the rights that users can obtain, so we must pay considerable attention.


It can be seen that the selection of reassuring LCD advertising machines needs to consider the above four factors. In addition to this, when actually buying LCD advertising machines, I noticed the brand name and market reputation of LCD advertising machines. In this way, we can better help companies achieve good brand effect.