How to cool the external advertising machine

September 6, 2021

Latest company news about How to cool the external advertising machine

Outdoor advertising players are very common in our lives now. We can see outdoor advertising players in many public places. However, in the hot summer, for electronic equipment, heat and high temperature is a "fatal injury". Let's take a look at how the outdoor advertising machine cools down by itself.

   One, air cooling

  The working principle of air cooling is to circulate the hot air inside the outdoor advertising machine and the cold air outside to achieve the purpose of cooling down.

   2. Air conditioning cooling

   Air-conditioning heat dissipation is the use of air-conditioning to dissipate heat inside the equipment, and the inside is divided into outer circulation and inner circulation. The outer circulation means that the air conditioner is in contact with the outside air, while the internal components are in the inner circulation and not in contact with the outside, which ensures the sealing, heat preservation and dust resistance, and makes the effect better. The use environment of the air conditioner can be completely isolated from the outside world, and the air conditioner itself has the function of dust and moisture resistance, so its protection level can be IP65.

   Three, heat exchanger heat dissipation

  The principle of heat dissipation of the heat exchanger is to reduce the internal temperature by adding aluminum platinum fins to the fan with high thermal conductivity, so its cooling effect will be worse than true ventilation. But its advantage is that it can be absolutely dustproof and waterproof steam (without the function of dehumidification) and convenient transportation. So it can be suitable for some places with low temperature all year round.

   The above content is about some knowledge about outdoor advertising machine cooling, I hope it can help everyone.