how to maintain the shared power bank advertising player?

September 6, 2021

Latest company news about how to maintain the shared power bank advertising player?

The shared power bank advertising player is a new species of commercial display, and most people do not know how to maintain it. If you want to use for a long time, you should do a good job of daily maintenance.


Avoid the LCD screen of the shared power bank advertising player from being scratched by hard objects


All the LCD screen of the shared power bank advertising palyer has a protective film on the surface. The color LCD screen is very fragile when without a protective film, any scratches will leave marks. We could use a special protective sticker for the LCD screen, which can protect the LCD screen to some extent.


Avoid from high temperature and being squeezed by heavy objects


As the temperature rises, the LCD screen will turn black. After reaching a certain temperature, even if the temperature drops back to a normal state, the LCD screen cannot be restored.But there is a normal phenomenon: the brightness of the LCD screen will decrease as the temperature drops. When the temperature is quite low, the brightness will be also very low. Once the temperature rises, the brightness will automatically return to normal.


Do not use soft cloth or paper napkin to wipe the LCD screen


For dust on the LCD panel, could blow it off first by blowing air, the remaining dust particles can be gently wiped with a special liquid crystal wiping cloth. For fingerprints and oil stains, use a special liquid crystal wipe. Secondly, pls do not clean the LCD screen with water, alcohol or some chemical solvents. The liquid WILL easily penetrates into the LCD screen, which is very easy to cause a short circuit of the device and burn the machine.


Do not use alcohol to wipe the machine


Alcohol is a commonly used organic solvent, which can dissolve some dirt that is not easy to wipe off. If it is occasionally used to clean the shell of the shared power bank advertising player, it has no adverse effects. But be sure not to use alcohol to clean the LCD screen. The alcohol will dissolve the special coating on the surface of the LCD screen. We could spray an appropriate amount of non-ionized water with a special cleaning cloth for LCD, and then gently wipe it to make it clean.


The above is the maintenance tips.