How Touchscreens Are Transforming Our Approach to Healthcare

September 6, 2021

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The healthcare sector is constantly changing – and there is no time this has been truer than now.

Touchscreens are a key part of how this change is occurring in the healthcare sector; we’ve looked at some of the major ways touchscreens are impacting healthcare and discovered the following:

Self-service information point touchscreens improve check-in times in hospitals for 3 in 4 patients and improve wayfinding within hospitals. New processes for quickly categorising and diagnosing patients are now possible with touchscreen “reception” desks which improve the efficiency of seeing patients. Applications such as touchscreen-enabled bedside terminals and psychiatric care screens are now integral parts of the care systems of many clinics
Hospitals are also beginning to use touchscreens to improve accessibility, including “dimpled” touchscreens for visually-impaired users. Touchscreens can considerably improve hygiene when compared to traditional buttons in medical devices and technologies