LCD advertising machine common eight problems

September 2, 2021

Latest company news about LCD advertising machine common eight problems

1.The LCD advertising machine did not respond after plugging in the power:


  The lack of reaction after the LCD advertising machine is plugged in is a problem that often occurs in practical applications.The user can try to open the back cover of the LCD advertising machine to check whether the dedicated power supply is energized and the wire is loose or loose.Specific method:Use the multimeter to measure whether the indicator light is on.If it is normal,it indicates that the power supply is powered.Excluding the power supply problem,the user should check the power on of the decoder board,the advertising machine driver board,the high voltage bar,the speaker and the LCD screen.Where there is no power,it means that there is a problem with the accessories of the LCD advertising machine.


  2.The LCD screen of the LCD player flickers:


  In daily applications,the appearance of flashing on the screen of the liquid crystal advertising machine is a problem that users often encounter.In this regard,the user must first perform an exclusion check on the external factors such as the magnetic field and the power supply voltage around the device.If the application is still not working properly,the display card driver of the display should be thoroughly checked to eliminate the program installation problem.After the above operation is invalid,the user can also try to increase the refresh rate of 75HZ to see if it is feasible.If the above operations can not achieve satisfactory results,professional assistance is required,and the user needs to send the equipment to the repair station for inspection.


  3.The screen is blank and displays“Signal out of sync range”or“OUT OF RANG”:


  This phenomenon is a thorny problem that users often see in practical applications.Generally,the signal sent by the computer exceeds the display range of the display,and the display detects that the abnormal signal stops working.In this regard,the user can attempt to restart the display and reset the output frequency of the computer.


  4.There is no display on the screen,and the indicator on the front panel flashes:


  After this problem occurs,the user should check whether the signal cable connection between the monitor and the computer is firm,and check whether the connector of the signal cable has broken or broken pins.


  5.When the device is switched on,there is interference on the screen:


  Generally speaking,this phenomenon is caused by the signal interference of the display card,which is a normal phenomenon,and the user can solve the problem by adjusting the phase automatically or manually.


  6.The black spot of the thumb size appears on the LCD screen:


  Most of this phenomenon is caused by external force extrusion.Under the pressure of external force,the polarizing plate in the liquid crystal panel will be deformed.The polarizing plate is like aluminum foil.It will not bounce itself when it is recessed.This causes the difference of the liquid crystal panel when it is reflected,and there will be a dark part.Part of it is easy to find under the white screen,the general size is more than ten square millimeters,which is the size of the thumb.Although this phenomenon does not affect the life of the LCD screen,users should pay more attention to it.Do not press the LCD screen with your fingers.


  7,LCD advertising machine has no sound:


  After this problem occurs,the user can first open the back cover of the advertising machine,use a multimeter to check whether the power on the driver board is powered,and then check if the speaker cable is connected properly.If there is a large horn noise,it means that the driver board is damaged and should be replaced immediately.


  8,LCD advertising machine cleaning should pay attention to matters:


  Clean the outer casing of the advertising machine with a cotton cloth and wipe it with water.Do not use any cleaning agent,which will easily cause the outer casing to lose its factory luster.When cleaning the LCD screen,avoid using a damp cloth that is too heavy in moisture to prevent moisture from entering the screen and causing an internal short circuit.Users should use a soft cloth such as glasses cloth or lens paper to wipe,which can prevent moisture from entering the inside of the screen and prevent scratches.