Outdoor advertising machine to teach you three tricks

September 2, 2021

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  As outdoor advertising gradually transforms from traditional static billboards to dynamic digital outdoor advertising machines,users also have doubts in the process of purchasing outdoor advertising machines.Outdoor advertising machines can transmit information without weather and can also bring good visual and auditory enjoyment.Greatly improve the layering of the picture and expressiveness.So how do we buy outdoor advertising machines?


  1,to consider the stability and heat dissipation of outdoor advertising machines


  In the actual application,the outdoor advertising machine may run continuously for 7×24 hours.Therefore,the stability and heat dissipation of the outdoor advertising machine should be an important factor to consider when purchasing outdoor advertising machines.


  2,to consider whether outdoor advertising machine is energy efficient


  In order to make the outdoor advertising machine more energy-efficient,it is very important to turn off the power when the outdoor advertising machine is idle,to eliminate standby power consumption and adjust the volume reasonably.This will not only achieve the role of energy saving and environmental protection,but also extend the service life of outdoor advertising machines.


  3,not seeking expensive,but seeking good


  The price of outdoor advertising machines has always been the most concerned issue for buyers,which is unavoidable to us.At the same time,outdoor advertising machines have been developed for more than ten years now.The price difference between manufacturers is not very big.Therefore,in the process of outdoor advertising machine purchase,we still need to first understand our own needs,even if it is When you encounter a high-priced outdoor advertising machine,you can also ask why the price of the outdoor advertising machine is so high.After shopping for three,you can definitely buy the outdoor advertising machine you need.


  In addition,outdoor advertising machines must have good compatibility,because in practical applications,compatible systems can be perfectly compatible with a variety of devices,so that multiple functions can indirectly reduce the cost of use.After purchasing an outdoor advertising machine,it is also necessary to consider how to improve the accuracy of the advertising machine audience,which must be understood in the operation of the outdoor advertising machine.