part 2: the development and application of technology

September 6, 2021

Latest company news about part 2: the development and application of technology


LCD technology was invented by RCA company in the 1960s. However, due to the immature technology, it is difficult to produce big size products. Therefore, it was ignored by American enterprises. It has been in a "desolate state" for a long time, and even thought that "it is absurd to establish a LCD screen with the size of TV screen". But Japanese companies are interested. They applied liquid crystal technology to small digital watches with great success, and then started the road of LCD TV.

In the past, the most widely used technology was CRT picture tube, which is to use the electron gun to shoot electrons to impact the phosphor to display. "Big square head" TV, computer display screen was the application. In the field of CRT, Japanese enterprises, relying on the technological spirit of "striving for perfection", produced TV sets that could withstand more than ten falls, became the industrial overlord. Sony's "telilon" has sold more than 100 million units worldwide, and has been playing down its competitors.

In 1988, Sharp successfully produced a 14 inch LCD TV sample, which ignited the industry's accelerator. The first generation line, the second generation line and the third generation line were opened successively. Subsequently, Korea, Taiwan China,and Chinese mainland joined the battle of LCD panel, expanding the production dimension of LCD panel and optimizing the production process. And Japanese enterprises are ahead of the United States and finally win the LCD industry.

In the selection of the fifth generation line around 2000, Japanese enterprises hesitated because of the pressure of capital and market prospect. However, Samsung, LG and other companies in South Korea went against the trend, not only paying for factories, but also digging people from Japanese companies. In the end, when Japanese enterprises ridiculed it as "Titanic", Korean enterprises ushered in the recovery of demand, quickly occupied the market, and gradually increased investment to achieve the lead.

In 2009, despite the financial crisis, the sales volume of TCL LCD TV still doubled. At the same time, TCL CStar also officially launched its Shenzhen factory to build China's leading 8.5 generation line, and in the following decade, it has successively launched research and development of multi technology routes. This year, under the epidemic situation, TCL China Star still takes the initiative in technology, sounding the clarion call of exploration.

Since the second half of 2019, Korean panel enterprises have begun to close LCD production lines, and Samsung Suzhou factory has also been sold to TCL. After more than 10 years of ups and downs, China's panel industry has gradually stepped onto the center of the world stage. The LCD field share is as high as 50%, and the pattern of TCL and BOE has also begun to take shape.


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