Should you choose touch kiosk or network advertising player?

September 6, 2021

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Touch kiosks and network advertising players are very common in daily life, and are widely used in industries such as education and training, banks, hotels, stations, airports, hospitals, and retail.


Touch all-in-one machine: A device composed of a computer or an Android motherboard and a touch screen. It has more touch control functions than the network advertising machine. In this way, the functions of the touch all-in-one machine have extended many new functions, such as teaching and training, ticket collection, information inquiry, automatic vending and so on.


Network advertising player: Generally, it is Android system and does not have touch function. The common method of use is to install information publishing software on the network advertising machine. After the advertising machine is connected to the Internet, the advertising machine is controlled by software on the computer. You can also add text information, weather forecasts, web links and other content to transmit program video pictures. The program received by the network advertising machine is automatically saved in the advertising machine and the content is automatically played in a loop. The network advertising machine is a smart display type, and customers cannot interact with each other. The maintenance personnel can use the remote control or the mouse to set and maintain the operation.