The terminal market of advertising player

September 6, 2021

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Refers to non-mainstream channels such as cafes, KTVs, communities, restaurants, and subways


The advertising machine can be used for information/advertising in buildings, buildings, banks, exhibitions, stations, and office local area networks. Through routers, optical cables, metropolitan area networks, PSTN, etc., the system can even be distributed to all parts of the world to achieve super information release through the wide area network (Internet). The networked system of the advertising machine consists of the following equipment:


1. Multimedia information machine

2. Console computer

3. Server

4. Network equipment and cables.


As the terminal of the multimedia information publishing system, the multimedia advertising machine is an integrated dedicated embedded computer.


Its characteristics are: powerful multimedia information processing capabilities, including: → real-time video and audio decoding → real-time video and audio playback → compatible with a variety of image, animation, and audio formats. It has an Ethernet network interface and supports centralized reception through a TCP/IP network. control