The use of the digital kiosk is wide

September 6, 2021

Latest company news about The use of the digital kiosk is wide
  1. Banking business, hospital triage calling business, government office lobby business calling, public security system business calling, etc.


  2. The queuing machine has built-in queue calling management software system, printer, power amplifier speaker, identity card reader, magnetic card reader, wireless module, etc., through the calling machine, it can effectively solve all kinds of queuing scenarios. The queuing machine system is designed to be flexible and adaptable: wired and wireless multiple installation methods, multi-host, multi-area, networked, online, and unified call. The centralized information prompt is the main screen information prompt of the queuing machine. The main content includes the number of people waiting for each service type, and the current ticket number of each service type.


  3. The basic function of the queuing machine: call control: the system can prompt the customer to the corresponding window for service according to the service personnel pressing the corresponding button. The basic function of the queuing machine: access control: After the customer enters the business hall, he can obtain his own corresponding queuing ticket from the number-collecting machine by pressing a button. Application of queuing number machine: geographic location query; flight number query; user information query; shopping guide and merchandise display in shopping malls; school library book information query.