touch screen coffee table

September 2, 2021

Latest company news about touch screen coffee table

Touch screen coffee table is a new coffee table designed by Shenzhen AdkioskTechnology Co., LTD. It can present a variety of applications, and diners can browse the website and customize the menu, realizing a real seamless web service.


Research and Development Background


With the growing popularity of tablet computers and the growing size of television screens, the designers believe that the combination of the two could lead to a touch-screen coffee table where the advantages of the two can be used in the same way.


The designing and Features


The Experience of Human-computer Interaction

Designed with a touch-screen menu, ordering interface and payment options, the touch screen coffee table will provide coffee buyers with a one-stop service, allowing consumers to enjoy a seamless experience through individual interactions with a computer.


Mobile Payment

Consumers could use smartphones to make payments by tapping the screen on a desktop, theoretically reducing human errors.


Go dutch with your friend

It makes it easier for friends to split the bill without the attendant having to do the calculation twice. While there is no way for waiters to ask if they need coffee or pastries, this online service minimizes the need for person-to-person communication.


Entertainment Dining Experience

The operating system inside the touch screen coffee table means unlimited possibilities, allowing people to sip a drink, play a game, or browse Facebook. Hand sanitizers will also be provided as many people have used the table before