What are the advantages of using a building advertising machine?

September 2, 2021

Latest company news about What are the advantages of using a building advertising machine?

  The building advertising machine is actually not expensive.Today,Weiwen Xiaobian takes everyone to understand its six advantages:


  1.The position is obvious


  Since the elevator door advertisement is a poster attached to the elevator door,its position is obviously the easiest to see.


  The delivery method is flexible and the advertising costs can be appropriately controlled.


  2.Long attention rate


  The audience of elevator advertisements is mainly high-quality customer groups such as white-collar workers and enterprise management personnel.These people have a fast pace of life,and traditional TV advertisements and newspapers are difficult to achieve results.


  And the tens of seconds to a few minutes of taking the elevator is often the time period when such people are most exposed to advertising.


  3.Strong sense of the screen


  Elevator door advertisements are generally divided into two forms,general advertisements and creative advertisements.


  Creative advertising generally puts two elevator doors on the poster


  Posters are also placed on the side of the elevator door facing the elevator door.


  There are three large-area posters in such an elevator car.If you match the pictures of these three posters,you can turn the still picture into an animated form,which is even more impressive.


  4.High exposure


  Building advertisements are infinitely rotated by several paragraphs of advertising.


  A few minutes of elevators can be displayed.Therefore,under the same money investment,the exposure rate of building advertisements is more than ten times that of traditional advertisements.


  5.Strong acceptance rate


  Building advertising not only breaks this boring time,but also attracts most of the attention,while avoiding the resistance of people to advertising.After all,what is more boring than taking an elevator?


  Through some small surveys,we know that more than 90%of people are more likely to accept building advertisements!


  6.Delivery accuracy


  Building ads can choose the right community to advertise according to the audience of their products,so as to save the advertising budget and avoid the waste of advertising resources.


  We can also customize the building advertising machine for you!