What are the characteristics of the teaching interactive machine?

September 2, 2021

Latest company news about What are the characteristics of the teaching interactive machine?

  The teaching interactive touch-one machine realizes the perfect combination of traditional teaching and multimedia,and the teaching demonstration is more vivid.It is the best choice for information-based interactive teaching,conference training,displaying corporate culture and promoting brand image.Mainly used in kindergartens,schools,enterprises,training institutions,conference rooms,brand image display and so on.


  Performance characteristics:


  ·Safety design


  The multi-function teaching machine adopts aluminum-magnesium alloy technology,and the four corners are designed with rounded corners or curved shapes to prevent children from colliding and being injured.


  ·Picture excellence


  LED backlight color display without loss,color gamut coverage can be as high as 105%,soft color is not irritating,even if you watch for a long time,there is no visual fatigue,protect students'eyesight.The screen is impact resistant,scratch resistant,corrosion resistant,and anti-reflective,no blind spots,interactive with the sword,and the teaching is lively and interesting.


  ·Application requirements


  Through multimedia production tools,text,images,animation,high-definition video,audio,electronic files,page turning,piano playing,PPT courseware,Internet information and other multimedia materials are vividly displayed to the public,giving the audience the greatest vision.Shock and unprecedented touch feel.


  ·multi touch


  Embedded infrared touch screen,support multi-touch of various gestures,quick response,no drift,operation freely.


  ·Pulling the host


  The mainframe is modular in design and supports hot plugging.Parts can be disassembled separately for easy equipment upgrade and daily maintenance.


  ·Ultra-thin multi-point


  The product adopts aluminum-magnesium alloy face frame frame,3.5cm ultra-narrow frame,the body thickness is only 6.8cm,with CVT six-point touch effect contrast,the touch screen can be connected to the notebook,the side uses touch buttons,the appearance is round and stylish.


  ·Stable and durable


  Precision production with first-class accessories and strict quality control.SSD solid state drive,shockproof operation,high reliability,good stability,can adapt to harsh working environment.