what are the functions of the touch screen all in one machine

September 6, 2021

Latest company news about what are the functions of the touch screen all in one machine

Many friends will find it strange to hear the name touch all-in-one machine. In fact, most of us have used touch all-in-one machine in our lives. Such as KTV's karaoke machine, bank's number machine, and shopping mall's touch screen advertising machine are all touch all-in-one machines. The so-called touch all-in-one machine refers to a computer that integrates the host, touch screen and LCD screen of the computer, and only needs a power cord to start the computer. Broadly speaking, the touch screen computers and tablet computers we use in our lives also belong to a kind of touch all-in-one computers; but touch all-in-one machine mostly refer to interactive display computers used in business.

Nowadays, all-in-one touch machines have been widely used in many fields of various industries, such as teaching, conferences, inquiry, display, advertising, entertainment, industrial control, and so on. Let me introduce to you what functions and effects the touch one machine has.

1. Intelligent interaction

Different from traditional computer products, the operation mode of the touch all-in-one machine is very convenient and fast, and the sensitive touch system can be well adapted to various applications and provide various efficient services

2. Environmental protection and energy saving

The touch all-in-one machine is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving device. Unlike projectors, which are very demanding on light, too bright ambient light will directly affect the product performance. The touch all-in-one machine solves this problem very well. It is not interfered by external light. It won’t be like ordinary electronic whiteboards, when the light is dark, it is difficult to see, or there is reflection, and it has low energy consumption and reduces light pollution. Moreover, with the continuous application and development of touch all-in-one machines, to meet the requirements of the times, and to add safety weight to health and environmental protection, LCD touch all-in-one machines pay more attention to their own health and environmental protection issues. The reason why touch all-in-one is so popular is that it can keep up with the fast-paced development of the times, and the efficient life and learning model.

Three, multi-machine combination

Generally speaking, touch all-in-one machines are used in meeting rooms or teaching. Unlike traditional projections, they need to use projectors, projection screens, speakers, controllers, and cumbersome connection adjustments, and avoid common electronic whiteboards. The light of the projector will affect the inconvenience of the image effect. It integrates a variety of equipment and effectively improves work efficiency.