What are the main functions of outdoor advertising machines?

September 2, 2021

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  The outdoor advertising machine is divided into an outdoor LCD advertising machine and an outdoor LED display.The information can be displayed outdoors in real time regardless of the weather,which brings good visual and auditory enjoyment to outdoor information dissemination.Can be widely used in outdoor advertising,outdoor public information release,outdoor media communication,touch interactive query and other fields.


So,what function does the outdoor advertising machine have?


  First,waterproof sunscreen


  All know that there are many factors affecting the outdoors,and there will be very dramatic changes.The temperature varies from year to year,it will rain,it will wind,and the humidity level will change,which will affect the visibility of outdoor advertising machines.Because the outdoor advertising machine has the function of waterproof and sunscreen,even if it is under heavy rain,it will have no effect on normal operation!


  Second,outdoor bright LCD screen


  Those who use a laptop outdoors or watch TV outdoors know that the brightness of the screen will be affected whether the screen is in direct sunlight or in the dark.An insufficient screen brightness and poor anti-reflective processing make the image difficult to see.The outdoor advertising machine has high-definition highlighting and control,and the brightness range is 1500-2500cd/m2,which makes the transmitted information have beautiful visual enjoyment!


  Third,constant temperature


  A light bulb will also heat up after a long time of use.In fact,it has a great impact on the life of the product.The outdoor advertising machine uses the intelligent temperature control system to dissipate heat and heat.The outdoor advertising machine has a constant temperature function,which can make the outdoor advertising machine have an edible life.Longer.


  Fourth,stable power supply


  When selecting an outdoor LCD advertising machine,in addition to screening conventional LCD industrial grade A screens,a stable power supply is also very important.Due to imperfect market systems,the products are uneven.Under normal circumstances,outdoor LCD advertising machines can be used for 5-6 years or even longer.


  Five,heat dissipation


  The outdoor advertising machine faces the test of the four seasons,with hot summers and cold winters.When we buy outdoor LCD advertising machines,we need to understand how outdoor advertising machine manufacturers solve the heat dissipation problem.You can check for heat dissipation,heat dissipation and solar radiation test equipment.


  Sixth,structural design


  The outdoor advertising machine's sheet metal enclosure has a protection level of IP65,a more professional heat dissipation channel,convenient maintenance,and a strong anti-theft structure.The whole machine structure adopts international environmental protection steel,and the appearance is sprayed with high quality outdoor powder,and the durability is more than 10 years.The precision shielding structure ensures that the radiation of the whole machine meets the requirements of relevant international standards.


  A good quality outdoor advertising machine needs to have waterproof sunscreen,high-definition high-brightness LCD screen,constant temperature device,stable power supply,good outdoor heat dissipation,reasonable structural design,etc.to be able to withstand the influence of outdoor complex environment,in order to be durable.