What information do you want to know about outdoor advertising machines here?

September 2, 2021

Latest company news about What information do you want to know about outdoor advertising machines here?

  Outdoor advertising machine development prospects:


  1.Strong visual impact:The outdoor advertising machine is used in outdoor public places,and has an unparalleled advantage in transmitting information and expanding influence.A giant advertisement set up in a prime location of the city is a must for any company that wants to build a lasting brand image.Things,its direct,simple,enough to attract the weight of the advertisers,and often become a landmark of the city.


  2.Long-term release:The outdoor advertising machine runs 24 hours a day,is a persistent,all-weather media,which makes it easier for the audience to see,and it will last forever with the needs of customers.Online media also has similar advantages,but in the virtual world,the audience needs a series of prerequisites to get close,while outdoor media,because of the uniqueness of physical space,this advantage is played more thoroughly.


  3.The display content is rich,and it is easy to replace and save costs.The outdoor advertising machine can make homemade programs,play instantly,and have rich content.At the same time,the content is not limited to advertisements.There are also programs including special topics,columns,variety shows,animations,etc.Only the programs need to be edited,and the others do not need any investment,which saves costs.


  Outdoor advertising machine classification:


  According to the appearance:vertical floor type,horizontal floor type,horizontally placed back-mounted,vertical back-mounted,outdoor splicing,etc.;


  Press function:stand-alone version,online version,touch screen version;


  According to the size:43 inch,49 inch,55 inch,65 inch,75 inch,86 inch and other outdoor bright screen;


  According to the use:commercial area CBD,telephone booths with large traffic,bus stations,airports,railway stations,terminals,park squares,leisure places,tourist attractions,high-end residential areas,catering industry,government and corporate propaganda.


  Outdoor advertising machine features:


  1.High-definition highlighting,able to adapt to various external environments;


  2.It can automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment,reduce light pollution and save electricity;


  3.The temperature control system can adjust the internal temperature and humidity of the equipment to ensure that the equipment operates in the environment of-40-50 degrees;


  4.Outdoor protection level reaches IP65;




  6.Based on the network 4G/5G and other technologies to achieve remote release and management of playback content;


  7.With HDMI,VGA,DVI and other video interfaces for easy playback;


  8.Support various multimedia file formats:MPEG-1/2/4,MP3,AVI,DAT,PPT,etc.;


  The above is the introduction of the development prospects and classification and characteristics of outdoor advertising machines.If you want to know more about outdoor advertising machines,please contact Weiwen Technology.