What is the development trend of teaching integrated machine?

September 6, 2021

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With the continuous innovation of teaching methods and the continuous promotion of new teaching models, interactive and interactive teaching with students as the main body and teacher as the guidance becomes more and more important.


Today, with advanced technology, new educational equipment has replaced the old teaching equipment to inject vitality into the traditional teaching methods. The teaching all-in-one machine can broadcast sound, images, movies, animations, etc., making teaching content more lively. At present, teaching with a teaching integrated machine has become the fashion of teaching today.


As a new type of multimedia interactive teaching terminal, the teaching all-in-one integrates the functions of electronic whiteboard, audio, computer, video booth, central control and other multimedia equipment, which fully meets the needs of modern teaching applications and can solve the scattered and messy equipment of traditional multimedia classrooms. The complex and changeable operation, coordination and compatibility of equipment and other issues make it easier for teachers to carry out multimedia teaching in teaching. It not only enriches teaching methods, but also expands teaching expressions, and the active atmosphere of the entire classroom stimulates students. The interest in learning and interactive participation will improve the quality and efficiency of classroom teaching.


At the same time, the teaching all-in-one machine can also be used as a basic teaching platform for education informatization, which can not only effectively solve the problem of large-scale display, but also achieve the best writing effect of the LCD touch whiteboard. It is more convenient and easy to use.