What is the future of the touch screen kiosk?

September 2, 2021

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The wide application of smart products has changed people's lifestyles, and people's requirements for products around them are getting higher and higher. Touch ones are no exception. Touch-one machine is a computer product that integrates industrial control board, computer, display screen and touch screen. With the expansion of market demand and continuous improvement of technological innovation, it is believed that the application demand of touch-one machine will increase in the future. . So, where is the future of the touch one?


1, the appearance of the style highlights individuality


The continuous advancement of society is accompanied by an increase in people's demand for products. With the diversification of applications, people's requirements for their appearance have gradually increased. So slowly, vertical, horizontal, wall hanging, etc., in these basic shapes, customers will put forward higher requirements.


2, the clarity is more delicate


It is expected that in the past two years, 4k technology will enter the commercial market on a large scale and even be applied to the home. The application of 4k LCD screens in the field of electronic devices such as touch integrated devices will become a trend. In the near future, 8K resolution is only a matter of time before it is applied to the touch all-in-one.


3, the running speed is smoother


A smoother increase in speed can improve efficiency and improve economic efficiency. For enterprises, retailers and every user, experience is an important key to their concern and understanding. The quick response is always required by people. Need faster and better service.


4, the function distinction is more obvious


Enterprises, retail, government, teaching, home, etc. will have more obvious distinctions, such as conference touch one machine, teaching touch one machine, touch inquiry machine and so on. Depending on the nature of the industry, more considerations will be made in terms of appearance, internal configuration, and software.


Of course, there is still a lot of future development direction of the touch one machine, and the future of the touch one machine is full of possibilities.