What is the price of the touch one machine?

September 2, 2021

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  In recent years,the touch-one machine has been widely used in many public places due to its fashionable design,convenient touch operation and powerful function application,mainly providing information display and information inquiry service.


  When the price of the touch-one machine itself is changed,it mainly changes depending on the size of the machine and the configuration of the host computer.Generally speaking,the larger the size,the better the configuration and the higher the price.And some of the same size configuration on the market,the price is low,a large number of brand products,most of them are quality problems,not using the refurbished screen second-hand screen posing as a new LCD screen,is to use the so-called low-cost high allocation to deceive consumers,The price of the touch inquiry machine is also the most concerned.


  Although there are many factors affecting the price,the impact on the touch inquiry machine can be divided into four main points:display screen,screen size,system configuration,touch screen.


  Display brand and type


  There are many types of displays on the market today,and the most widely used are LED displays and LCD displays.The two displays also have different prices,so the price of the touch all-in-one will vary depending on the type and brand of display.


  screen size


  At present,the touch all-in-one products on the market use liquid crystal displays.Regardless of the liquid crystal display,its price is determined by the size of the size.The larger the size,the higher the price.It is impossible for a liquid crystal display of the same quality to have a large price which is lower than the price of a small size.


  System Configuration


  Configuration is also an important factor affecting its price.The height of the configuration will directly determine the speed of the touch all-in-one,which will also affect the user experience.Because the higher the configuration,the higher the price of the all-in-one.Hardware configuration can be divided into:CPU,motherboard,memory stick,hard drive,heat sink,audio,etc.,the price depends on their configuration and quality.The price of imported parts is definitely higher than that of bulk.


  touch screen


  There are many types of touch screens on the market,such as infrared touch screens,capacitive touch screens,resistive touch screens,and nano touch screens.However,only one type of infrared and capacitor is suitable for the touch integrated machine,and the capacitor is only suitable for small sizes.Infrared can be used for large sizes.


  Of course,the touch one machine usually comes with a set of inquiry software.The touch screen integrated machine has a good software and the function is strong,which has a direct impact on the price of the touch screen integrated machine.If not needed,enough for most people to use.