What's the LCD splicing screen?

September 6, 2021

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The LCD splicing screen can be used as a monitor alone, or spliced into a super large screen. According to different usage requirements, realize the variable large screen function: single screen split display, single screen separate display, any combination display, full-screen LCD splicing, double splicing LCD splicing, vertical screen display, image frame optional compensation or cover, support digital signal roaming, zooming and stretching, multi-screen display, setting and running of various display plans, real-time processing of full HD signals.


The LCD splicing screen is a single independent and complete display unit, which is ready to use. The installation is as simple as building blocks. The use and installation of single or multiple LCD splicing screens are very simple. The width of the edge of the LCD splicing is only a few millimeters, and the surface is also equipped with a protective layer of toughened glass, a built-in intelligent temperature control alarm circuit and a unique "quick dissipating" heat dissipation system. It has everything, not only suitable for digital signal input, but also unique support for analog signals. In addition, there are many LCD splicing signal interfaces. The use of DID LCD splicing technology realizes simultaneous access of analog and digital signals. The latest LCD splicing technology can also Realize naked eye 3D smart effect. The LCD splicing series products adopt unique and the world's most cutting-edge digital processing technology, allowing users to truly experience the full HD large screen effect.