What's the mirror advertising machine?

September 6, 2021

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The mirror advertising machine is simply a mirror that can play advertising pictures. It can dynamically play advertising through a variety of modes without affecting the use of the mirror. So it is both a mirror and an advertisement player. You can watch advertisements while looking in the mirror. The affinity is very good, so it has an excellent advertising communication effect.

Mirror advertising machines are mainly used in high-consumption places such as star-rated hotels, star-rated restaurants, star-rated hotels, high-end clubs, high-end clubs, and fashion stores. They are aimed at high-end people and are an innovation tailor-made for the communication environment of high-end consumption places.


Features of mirror advertising machine:

1. Innovative use of flat-panel ultra-thin and borderless technology, simple, delicate, fashionable, and better media image.

2. Using image restoration technology, advertising imaging is clearer, visual experience is better, and advertising effects are better.

3. The affinity of advertising is improved, not only can you look in the mirror, but you can also watch the advertisement at the same time, reducing the sense of rejection of the advertisement.

4. The screen utilization rate has increased, the display area of the unit advertising screen has increased by 10%, and the advertising efficiency has been improved.

5. More intelligent, the system has the function of time display and timing switch, which is more intelligent, more power-saving, and more convenient for maintenance.