What's the swing gate?

September 6, 2021

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The intelligent swing gate organically integrates mechanical, electronic, microprocessor control and various reading and writing technologies, and adopts a standard electrical interface to the outside, which can facilitate the system of reading and writing equipment such as magnetic cards, barcode cards, ID cards and IC cards integrated. Provide a civilized and orderly way for people entering and exiting, while preventing illegal people from entering and exiting; the system is also specially designed to meet the fire protection requirements, so that in an emergency, the passage is unblocked to ensure smooth evacuation of personnel.


There list some features for your reference:

1) With fault self-check and alarm prompt function, it is convenient for users to maintain and use;

2) It has automatic opening after power failure, self-checking of incoming calls and automatic restoration in locked state

3) There are a variety of working modes to choose from, which can be two-way card reading, while reading the card while prohibiting the traffic in the other direction, reading the card while reading the card, and passing freely in the other direction, and the working mode of the gate can be set through the mainboard menu set.

4) After the pedestrian reads the valid cartoon line, the infrared detection detects that the pedestrian has passed the automatic gate or the delay after the pedestrian has passed. The delay 1-60 seconds can be set by the main board menu.

5) With automatic reset function. After reading the valid card, if the passer does not pass within the specified time, the system will automatically cancel the passer’s current pass permission, and the restricted pass time can be set by the administrator.

6) With 485 remote control gate opening and closing functions to meet the special needs of users and fire safety requirements.

7) Anti-shock function, the swing arm will be automatically locked when it does not receive the opening signal;

8) Mechanical anti-pinch function, when the swing arm is in the process of resetting, it will automatically rebound or the motor will automatically stop working within a specified time, and the force is very small, and an alarm signal will be issued at the same time;

9) It has a unified and standard external electrical interface, which can be connected to various reading and writing equipment, which is convenient for system integration, and can be remotely controlled and managed through the management computer.

10) It can automatically count the number of passers in the direction of traffic, and present it to the manager in an intuitive LED (optional) mode, so that the manager knows the number of passers in a certain direction.

11) It has a clear direction indication function, with intuitive LED passers to indicate whether passable or prohibited.

12) It has the function of reading card with and without memory, and the user can set it through the motherboard keyboard according to their needs.

13) Through software setting, the total number of personnel inside the place can be limited to meet the special needs of some special occasions.

14) The entire system runs smoothly and has low noise.